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VIEH Daily Threat Analysis, 16 April 2024
The most awaited patch for the week is here – Palo Alto Networks addressed the critical zero-day...
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VIEH Daily Threat Analysis, 13 April 2024
It’s a patch mistake! A security patch—made half a decade back for a Lighttpd web server vulnerability—has...
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Apple Updates Spyware Alert System to Warn Victims of Mercenary Attacks
Apple on Wednesday revised its documentation pertaining to its mercenary spyware threat...
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VIEH Daily Threat Analysis, 11, April, 2024
Spyware threat on the rise, warns Apple! The tech giant has sent this alert to iPhone users in at least...
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VIEH Daily Threat Analysis, April 10, 2024
Immediate action has been called for LG Smart TV owners as approximately 91,000 devices were found exposed...
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Hacking Update 09/04/2024
End-f-Life (EOL) crisis hits again! D-Link advised retiring tens of thousands of internet-facing NAS...
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Vietnam-Based Hackers Steal Financial Data Across Asia with Malware
A suspected Vietnamese-origin threat actor has been observed targeting victims in several Asian...
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Hacking Update 04/04/2024
American and Australian organizations have come under attack from a newly identified Agent Tesla operation....
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Hacking update 03/04/2024
A new malware threat was added to the cybercrime world by a subset of APT41. It was spotted deploying...
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Japan Cracks Down on Line's Cyber Vulnerabilities After Massive Data Breach
In the wake of a major data breach that exposed over 510,000 Line users’ information last November,...
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Exit Scam: BlackCat Ransomware Group Vanishes After $22 Million Payout
The group responsible for the BlackCat ransomware has abruptly shut down its darknet website, raising...
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A New Self-Spreading, Zero-Click Gen AI Worm Has Arrived!
Over the past year, developers of collaborative software like email and chat have been in a rush to integrate...
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