Highlight of the Month


Internship going on, New batch will start from 01 day of every month Checkout: viehgroup.com/tci

V.I.E.H Job Search

Having more then 2 years of experience in cybersecurity/ IT domain? need job? We are here to help
 Our team created a whatsapp group posting job opening almost every day to join Click here


Pandemic Contribution by our Team

We know situation is very tough, Death is increasing day by day,
So we started helping whatever we will be capable of. If someone need any medical contacts details, oxygen or any relatable thing anywhere in india Then please tag our CEO Mr M Kumar over twitter @mkumarcyber we Will try our best to share you contact details
We shared M Kumar sir twitter credentials to some of our juniors in our company Now they will handle it and they'll try to response as soon as possible
One help may save a life
Be safe be at home
Team V.I.E.H Group

Function and Programs

Several Awareness program Recently Conducted by our team at Chennai, Bangalore Urban, Chhattisgarh, Lucknow, Gandhinagar, Chittorgarh, Palghar, Guntur

Things Starting


Planning to launch 2 series on our youtube channel

1. Talent Uncovered: Here we’re going to talk with the people virtually, who have a lot of skill in the IT domain, but still uncovered, will be digging for tha actual skills,

2. Talk to VIEH: Will be nominating few people to talk with VIEH Authority member, mostly with VIEH Group CEO, Can ask any question, main aim will be to provide them guidance and discuss some insights ,


Will be starting Beta program

few Ex VIEH peoples will be selected for this , they will get free and early access of all the resources and course VIEH Group have, also time to time they’ll get lot of things to learn and research off


Creepy Box

Spoilers of the team, Be safe
-) Deepak Aheer
-) Nayani Krishnaprasad

Intern of the month (February 2023)

Batch- Cybersecurity PR internship 12:
Shivam Bhandari