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V.I.E.H Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading I.T Company in india. We delivers innovative I.T solution and deliver products as well services including Cyber security operations

What we offer

VAPT Services

“A cyber security breach can strike at any time, putting your organization at risk”

Cyber Crime Investigation

We do almost all kind of Cyber crime investigation with 99% success rate.

Development Services

We build high scalability & responsive App and Website for your company! Websites & App

Data Services

We also provide services like Data Analysis, Data visualization

Security Auditing

we evaluation how well it conforms to a set of established criteria.

Corporate Training

We provide special training to corporates in the trending cyber security topics for maintaining integrity of the company

Guided Project

How about interactive projects that enables you to gain job-relevant skills?

Trainings / Courses

Our courses are made by professionals and respective industry experts. With A golden certificate

Webinar/ Seminar

We provide dedicated webinar/ seminar according to collage/client demand with 95% practical approach


we will ready students for the Information Security Industry with technical training on cyber security

We keep an eye on what you don't see- - - - - - - -

Red Team

We understand the importance of protecting your company’s security systems.

Blue Team

We are here to look after your company’s security systems!

Purple Team

We are passionate, determined, and driven towards providing quality services.

White Team

Hire our white team to get professional cybersecurity advisory and consulting services.

Confidence in Your Security

Reinventing the cybersecurity space by creating and delivering innovative technology that puts our partner’s data security as our only priority the first time, every time.


Years of experience


countries of operation


Year on year growth





Openness with our team and clients, We raise issues & provide solutions promptly.

Self improvement

Never stop learning, never stop envolving into who we want to be and where we want to be.


Our word and hard work over everything else. Our clients and vision and our guiding beacons.

Our delivery

Deliver more value than our team & clients expect.Every day, over every delivery.

Industry Partners

Our junior hackers are from

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