How to use Pendrive as a RAM

If you want to increase your System RAM, then this tutorials will help you to do that..

Follow the Steps:

Step 1: Make sure your PenDrive is empty and has atleast 2GB of space

Step 2: Right-Click on My Computer / This PC and click on Properties

Step 3: Click on Advanced Tab

Step 4: Click on Settings under Performance

Step 5: Again Click on Advanced Tab and then Click on Change Button under Virtual Memory

Step 6: Select your USB Device and Select Custom Size if you want to Add Custom size of your PenDrive to use as RAM, otherwise leave it as it is.

Step 7: Click on Start Button and then press OK

Step 8: Restart your PC with the Drive inserted

Step 9: It’s done. You can check under PC Information, Your RAM Size will be increased.

ReadyBoost method can also be used to increase system performance, We’ll cover it in other tutorial…

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