How to enable the network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

I brought this simple tips and tricks, because someusers asking about it, because by default some of the virtual box when you try to connect to the internet maybe can’t.

Step by step enable the network in kali linux:

  • 1: Open your kali linux virtual box like this. click “devices” menu and choose “Network adapters”.
  • 2: Now the new window to set up the kali linux virtual box will open.
  • 3: By default the network adapter is attached to NAT. you need to change it to Bridge adapter.
  • 4: the next step you need to choose which network interface you want to bridge to. If your network interface have more than one (eg: LAN port, 1 wireless , etc) it will show here.just choose which network interface you want to bridged to. because the one connected to internet is my wireless card, then i choose wireless network adapter.
  • 5: After i make the change, i get the IP address directly from the network not from the virtual box adapter.

Notes: Your default wireless network cannot be used while you are using virtual box. if you want to use wireless network in your virtual box, you can use the wireless usb card, then the virtual machine can detect it.

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