How to disable startup programs

Many programs get started as we startup our laptop/PC which leads to slow system startup.

So, we can simply disable the unwanted programs from automatically starting-up after boot. This can done in few simple steps as follows:

step 1: Open run dialog box, press Win+R

step 2: Type msconfig then click OK

step 3: click on the startup tab, and then uncheck programs you don’t want starting-up during boot automatically

step 4: As a good rule of thumb if you don’t recognize the program name leave it on, But if you see one that is blank DEFINITELY DISABLE IT.

In most cases, These are usually spyware or viruses and you definitely don’t want them starting with your computer. when i see these i always run a virus check, then scan for spyware

step 5: reboot your computer and you should notice faster performance.

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