Hacker’s hack facebook accounts for seeking money

A number of facebook users reported hacking of their accounts as their facebook chat messenger is being accessed unauthorisedly.

Modus Operandi

Hackers gain access to victims facebook accounts through phishing link, weak password or any other means. After gaining access, they sends message to his all friends, in their friends list that “victim is suffering from acute illness for which huge amount is needed and demanding money through various bank accounts/e-wallet. The relatives or friends of the victim transfer amount to these accounts / e wallets, without knowing that victims account has been compromised.

How protect facebook account from hacking

  1. Always use 2-step verification process for logging in to your account.
  2. Use strong password needed to login account.
  3. Activate login approvals.
  4. Always logout on other devices.
  5. Avoid accepting friend requests from unknown person.
  6. Use strong password & 2 way authentication for email ids associated with social media account.
  7. Never use mobile number of self or family member or friend as password.
  8. Never ever click on internet links recieves on facebook messenger or email.
  9. Use active mobile number for facebook account.

Note: In case if you become victim, contact nearby cyber police station.

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